Do you use a Hypoxystation? You could be entitled to £250.

Whitley H35 Hypoxystation

If you have used a Whitley Hypoxystation in your work and have mentioned it on your poster or published paper, let us know and you could be entitled to a grant of £250.

We have a series of grants available to those who mention the use of the Hypoxystation in a poster they wish to present or on a published paper. All we ask in return is a copy of your poster/paper so we can use it to help promote the Hypxoystation to others.

If we have a trade stand at the event where you will be presenting your poster, we can provide copies to everyone who visits our stand, should you want to do this.

To apply for this grant, please send a copy of your poster or paper along with your contact details to Don’t forget, if you are presenting a poster, mention the title and date of the event where you will present it.


Making a difference in hypoxia research

Whitley H35 Hypoxystation

Sally Shelton, Export Manager at Don Whitley Scientific, presents her thoughts after attending a recent exhibition in Germany.

I attended the meeting in Essen, Germany last month and gained a real insight into the work the researchers are doing.  Their research is making a huge difference to what we know about a whole variety of diseases and future treatments.  Many scientists are  changing the way they work with more of them using workstations to precisely control the environment that cells are exposed to. More accurate results are obtained that more precisely model what goes on in the human body. This is really exciting progress!

On a personal note, I was struck by the amazing work that research scientists do! It is their results that will change the medicine of the future.


Educational Day at JCB

Under a digger

26 hardy DWS employees got up before dawn on 10th October to take a trip to JCB in Rocester. JCB is a family-owned company, like Don Whitley Scientific Ltd, and we share many of the same values. The visit was organised to give us some insight into a successful, global company and hopefully pick up some ideas for our own future planning and growth strategy.



Temperature Mapping for Whitley Workstations

Don Whitley Scientific UKAS Engineer

In today’s increasingly regulated environment, the need to demonstrate on-going compliance with quality and safety standards is becoming part of life in the laboratory.

Don Whitley Scientific is UKAS accredited to provide a range of calibration and validation services including temperature mapping of Whitley Workstations, other anaerobic chambers and gloveboxes,  incubators, ovens, fridges or freezers using up to 12 thermocouples. This can be useful when there is a requirement to identify any temperature gradients that may be present and need to be avoided when carrying out those particularly sensitive incubation tasks.



Eight A35 Workstations go to Korea

Eight A35 Anaerobic Workstations go to Korea

The popularity of the Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation with instant access ports is spreading far and wide. Eight A35s were shipped to Korea last month, ordered by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service. Our Korean distributors, Jin Sung Uni-Tech, who handled the sale, had sold one A35 to the same organisation in 2011 but found that they were so pleased with the workstation, they wanted another eight for their other laboratories. The A35s will be used for the study of Clostridium in agricultural products.

We would like to thank Jin Sung for their expert handling of this sale.

Microbe 2012

Don Whitley Scientific personnel at Microbe 2012

For anyone who has ever been to Microbe, you will know that it’s a fun event as well as educational. Certainly over the last few years, delegates at the event have been entertained throughout the day by the trade being made to wear fancy dress. The organisers established a competition whereby if delegates collect a sticker from each trade stand and correctly identify the theme of the stand, they can be entered into a draw for some really nice prizes.