Overcoming Catalyst Myths

Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation

We have recently received reports that some of our customers are being told catalyst can be regenerated to last for several years. Advice being received by some customers is causing them to believe that drying out catalyst on a regular basis will increase its lifespan. This is not true and customers may be putting their samples at risk if following that advice.



Another Happy DG250 Customer

Dental School, Dundee University with new DG250

Here’s a photograph of Dr David Edwards (on the right), Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Dundee’s Dental School, receiving his new Whitley DG250 Workstation recently. Also pictured is Joe Walton from the sales team at Don Whitley Scientific who installed the device for Dr Edwards.

Current research topics in the laboratory include:

  • Modelling the cell cycle & infectivity of the Periodontal pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum.
  • Investigating the role of a SNF-2 related DNA helicase proteins in the regulation of chromosome partition in a model microorganism (Collaborator: Professor Tom Owen-Hughes, CLS, UoD).