Mobile Demonstrations for Mainland UK Customers

Don Whitley Scientific Mobile Demonstration Unit

If you are looking to buy new laboratory equipment and don’t have the time to come to us to see what’s on offer, now we can come to you.

We now have a mobile demonstration unit* that we can bring to you to show:

  • The latest products in the Whitley Workstation range, including the DG250 Workstation, A35 Anaerobic Chamber and H35 Hypoxystation
  • Our spiral plating solution, the Whitley Automated Spiral Plater (WASP)
  • A range of media and sample preparation equipment, including gravimetric diluters, media preparators, laboratory blenders and pourer stackers
  • Colony counting solutions such as the ProtoCOL 3 and aCOLyte
  • The Whitley Jar Gassing System with it’s new printer and touch screen operation

Inside the Don Whitley Scientific Mobile Demonstration Unit

Now you don’t have to wait for the next exhibition or for when you have a whole day free to consider new equipment – we can come to you.

To arrange a visit, just call our sales team on 01274 595728 and let us know what products you are interested in. We’ll then contact you to arrange a convenient date, time and location.


* Unfortunately, this service is currently only available to customers in mainland UK.

DYK6: Instant Access Ports

Whitley Instant Access Port in Use

This is the sixth in our ‘Did you know’ series of articles introducing things you may not know about the Whitley range of products and services – read on and you may find out something about your workstation that could make your working life easier.

The Whitley Instant Access Porthole System is designed to provide rapid and convenient operator ingress. If you have, or are thinking of ordering, a workstation with this type of port, did you know how easy it is to replace the flexible membrane component?


RABIT Price Reduced

RABIT with cells

RABIT (Rapid Automated Bacterial Impedance Technique) is a direct and indirect impedance measurement system for the rapid detection of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. The system is designed to allow tests to be carried out over a range of incubation temperatures to provide maximum flexibility for microbiological testing.

We have been producing and successfully selling variations of the RABIT system for over 25 years, so thought it was time for another technology update, a modernising facelift and a new, lower price. (more…)

Cultured Photography

Whitley Petrifoto

If you want to be able to capture a visual record of bacterial growth at various stages in the incubation cycle whilst your cultures remain inside the workstation, the Petrifoto could be just what you need.

The Whitley Petrifoto allows even inexperienced photographers to take good quality digital images of bacteria being cultivated in Petri dishes, whether the samples are inside or outside the workstation. Fitted with multiple daylight temperature LEDs for realistic colour rendition, the base and side lighting is controlled independently, providing perfect illumination for all agar and bacterial colony types.

For a more detailed specification, please see our website at or contact our sales team for more information: Tel: 01274 595728 or Email:

Just look at the quality of the images taken in our laboratory using Petrifoto …

Petrifoto Image for BlogWPS_02 LRWPS_03 LR




Band members raise funds

The Alligators

Paul Walton, our Managing Director and Fergus Murray, our Product Engineering Manager at Don Whitley Scientific often moonlight as members of local band ‘The Alligators’.

On Saturday, 6th July The Alligators played at a charity event hosted by Paul’s wife Judith. Here’s a photo of the band – their mix of blues and rock numbers proved extremely popular with the crowd and by the end of the night everyone was dancing.


Review of Oxygen 2013

Kristin Franke being presented with her iPod by Steve Rogerson

Fergus Murray, Steve Rogerson and Sally Shelton represented Don Whitley Scientific at Oxygen 2013 (Hypoxianet) in Oulu, Finland recently. With over 200 delegates attending the 4 day meeting there was opportunity to see our new H45 Hypoxystation.

Many delegates visited our stand and showed considerable interest in the H45 for use in their research.

Each day we held a prize draw to win an iPod Shuffle and our first winner was Kristin Franke from the University in Dresden (see photo).

Don Whitley Scientific gave a  short presentation in the Training School Section to provide an overview of the HEPA filtration and humidification options for our workstations.  Our product was endorsed by Dr Janine Erler from BRIC in Copenhagen.  She is working with the smaller model – the H35 – and claims “It is very easy to use; very robust and reliable.  We have never once had a problem and that’s a fantastic thing, so I highly recommend the H35 Hypoxystation.”

Anyone wanting any more information on our hypoxic workstations, please contact our Export Manager, Sally Shelton on