Did You Know: about Data Logging?

Do you need to record the environmental parameters inside your workstation? All of our touch-screen models display this information in graphical format for the user to see, and the data logging option enables this data to be downloaded via a USB interface to a memory stick and transferred to a PC for further analysis.

It is also possible to download an events log if required.

Which Whitley Workstations have this option?
Data logging is compatible with all of our touch-screen workstations.

Which parameters can I record?
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*If anaerobic conditions monitor is fitted


How long does it take to download the data?
The information download takes approximately 20 seconds.

Where is the USB port located?
The port is located on a panel above the airlock, and is only accessible when the airlock door is open. This ensures that the memory stick can never be forgotten – as the door cannot close unless the memory stick has been removed.

What does the events log comprise?
The events log monitors the different processes and actions that run in the machine and flags up any errors. It also adds traceability to the system by recording how it is used.

These are some of the processes monitored:

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 Please contact us for more information.




New Chilled Incubation Compartment

If you need to store small quantities of media and samples in anaerobic conditions, but at lower than ambient temperatures, you can now specify an optional Chilled Incubation Compartment for a Whitley A35 or A45 Workstation.

This insulated compartment is located on the left hand side of the workstation and is accessed from the main chamber. When you open the compartment door, the plate carrier basket swings outwards to allow easy access. It has a capacity of 10 x 90mm Petri dishes or items of a similar size.

The temperature in the Chilled Incubation Compartment can be easily adjusted, in 0.1°C increments, via the workstation’s colour touchscreen. The operating temperature range is between +12°C and +25°C and the temperature distribution within the compartment is within 2°C*.

This option must be specified at time of order as it is a factory-fitted modification.


*Laboratory and main chamber temperatures may influence the upper and lower temperature levels that can be achieved.

Biological Containment

Whitley H35 Hypoxystation

Looking for extra biological containment from your workstation?

If you need additional biological containment within your HEPA filtered Workstation, there is now an option to reduce biological discharge from the chamber via the gas outlets. The Whitley Enhanced Biological Containment System involves fitting HEPA filters to the two gas outlets on a Whitley HEPA Workstation.

Laboratory tests were conducted on an H35 Hypoxystation to deliberately challenge the exhaust filters with high concentrations of aerosolized bacterial cells and quantify their discharge through the exhaust valve filters.

The results of this experiment demonstrated that the system achieved a substantial reduction in bacterial loading (better than 99.999%) within the discharged gas. A paper detailing the full methodology and results of this study can be found here.

New Storage Rack Available


Here’s a new storage rack that we have designed for use with our Hypoxystation range. Manufactured from aluminium and finished in a durable white powder coating, this storage facility is comprised of three shelves and can accommodate up to 6 multi-well plates, twelve T25 tissue culture flasks or a combination of these and other labware.

Storing your samples in this manner allows the atmosphere to circulate evenly and thereby optimises the conditions for your cells. It is also freezer and incubator-safe.

Contact us for more information and quote product code A03780

Did You Know: about HEPA Filtration?

Whitley H35 Hypoxystation

HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air, is a filtration system which ensures the utmost product protection for your samples.

Unlike competitor systems that draw atmosphere out of the workstation before filtering and reintroducing it, Don Whitley Scientific has created a unique design, which is housed completely inside the workstation. Housing the HEPA system inside the chamber prevents the build-up of moisture which renders HEPA filters ineffective, and cleans the internal atmosphere quickly.

Using innovative circulation technology, all the atmosphere in the chamber passes through the filter 900 times every hour. This quickly creates and maintains an environment exceeding the level of atmospheric cleanliness stipulated by ISO 14644, referenced in the Cell Tissue Culture Directive as the recommended standard for the handling of mammalian cells. We achieve levels of atmospheric cleanliness exceeding the requirements of Class 3 of this standard, which to the best of our knowledge is better than any other manufacturer.

There are currently three Whitley Workstations available with HEPA filtration:

A35 HEPA Anaerobic Workstation
H35 HEPA Hypoxystation
H45 HEPA Hypoxystation.

Proof of the atmospheric cleanliness achieved during the rigorous tests conducted on every HEPA workstation before dispatch is available on request. Please contact us for more information.

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of our system.

Six New RABIT Modules Installed in Dubai

Installation_Dubai_Central_Lab_Nov2014At the end of November, our Head of Science, Dr Andrew Pridmore (pictured centre), travelled to Dubai to oversee installation of six new RABIT (Rapid Automated Bacterial Impedance Technique) modules at the Dubai Central Laboratory.