Consistent growth. Just what you need for your anaerobes.

Then and Now

From our first workstation nearly 40 years ago, our product range continues to grow and grow.

Our latest enterprise, the A95 Anaerobic Workstation – as featured in the official IBMS 2015 diary – has four unique gloveports that double as sample transfer systems, a huge incubation capacity, a large integral airlock, an intuitive full-colour 7” touchscreen, network connectivity, data downloading and anaerobic conditions monitoring.

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Practical Guide to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology

Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology

Eighteen months ago, Don Whitley Scientific played an integral role in producing An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology. This unique guide is being very well-received by scientists in laboratories nationwide. It enables the reader to isolate and identify 12 commonly occurring clinically important anaerobic bacteria. It contains 60 pages printed on waterproof, tear-resistant synthetic paper to withstand regular use at the bench and is illustrated with stunningly detailed colour photographs and attractive reference tables.

Designed to fill a gap in the practical reference materials currently available to support clinical laboratory practice for microbiologists, the publication was written by Professor Michael W D Wren, MBE FIBMS, former consultant Biomedical Scientist in the microbiology department, University College Hospital, and visiting Professor at The University of Westminster. With a foreword by Professor Brian Duerden, Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology at Cardiff University and input from Dr Don Whitley, Chairman and founder of Don Whitley Scientific Limited, considerable expert knowledge has been combined to make this the most up-to-date reference guide for the modern clinical laboratory.

Images were kindly supplied by the Anaerobe Reference Unit, Cardiff.

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And the winner is … Antibiotics

Whitley H35 Anaerobic Workstation

For those who are not already aware, the 2014 Longitude Prize challenge is to create a cost-effective, accurate, rapid and easy-to-use test kit for bacterial infections that will allow health professionals to administer the right antibiotics at the right time. Scientists now have 5 years in which to come up with a solution and potentially claim the £10m prize fund.


Microbes in National Geographic

Petrifoto Image for Blog

Blog readers may be interested in an article – ‘Small Small World’ – in the January 2013 edition of National Geographic magazine [ ]. This fascinating article by Nathan Wolfe* looks at the microbial community hosted by the human body, referring to it as a shadow world that has not yet been fully explored. Wolfe discusses such organisms such as Staphylococcus (lives in the nostrils), Lactobacillus johnsonii (helps us to digest milk), Helicobacter pylori (regulates immune cells in the stomach) and cyanobacteria (responsible for photosynthesis).