DWS now able to calibrate -80ºC freezers


Don Whitley Scientific Limited has succeeded in extending its UKAS scope of accreditation from the range -25ºC to 140ºC to -90ºC to 140ºC.

We are now in a position to calibrate additional laboratory equipment, typically -80ºC freezers and temperature monitoring probes, and issue certificates that carry the UKAS logo.

This allows us to provide a better level of service for our customers, allowing us to calibrate their freezers as well as their other temperature monitoring equipment. Laboratories can be confident that the data that we supply will be accurate to the level we state and is also traceable to national standards.

This has been made possible by the purchase of some new equipment and the amendment to some existing Standard Operating Procedures.

Expanding UKAS Calibration

More and more customers took advantage of our UKAS accredited temperature calibration work in 2014, particularly those customers working to the new clinical standard ISO15189:2012. Don Whitley Scientific has therefore invested in extra calibration equipment so that our team of service engineers hold all the relevant instrumentation to be able to carry out specific calibrations whilst on site. These are typically carried out at the same time as the service, which minimises disruption to the laboratory and therefore improves efficiency for all involved.

The investment in equipment during 2014 included a ‘high-end’ precision digital thermometer for our permanent laboratory, hand-held digital thermometers and precision stopwatches for our engineers.

Further investment in equipment will continue this year to ensure that we always have the correct instrumentation to meet our customers’ needs.


DYK 5: Temperature Calibration

Don Whitley Scientific UKAS Engineer

This is the fifth in our ‘Did you know’ series of articles introducing things you may not know about the Whitley range of products and services – read on and you may find out something relating to accredited temperature calibration that could make your working life easier.


What is UKAS?

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally recognised standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.


Why choose a UKAS accredited calibration provider?

Using a UKAS accredited calibration provider means you can demonstrate to your customers that you have been successful at meeting the requirements of international accreditation standards. Accreditation also gives you confidence in the data that is provided when the certification is received.


Would I have to pay extra for UKAS accredited temperature calibration?

Even if your laboratory doesn’t operate to UKAS accreditation standards, the cost of our calibration/validation is comparable with that of standard calibration.


On what types of equipment can DWS provide accredited temperature calibration?