Meintrup DWS Laborgeräte GmbH ist ein führender, internationaler Lieferant für die Mikrobiologie und Zellforschung

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DWS LaboratoriesOur microbiology laboratories, which began operation in the late 1980s, have been offering contract research and sample analysis since 1991 and have been GLP compliant since 1994. The type of work that we can accommodate encompasses the whole spectrum of microbiology, from routine analysis / quality control to substantial research and development programmes for major multinational pharmaceutical companies.



"A major area of expertise is antimicrobial drug development, including human food safety of antibiotic residues. We are experienced in both traditional and novel techniques, and pride ourselves in adhering to agreed deadlines and budgets."

Dr Andrew Pridmore, Head of Microbiology

In-house experience

Our team of microbiologists, with experience in industrial, pharmaceutical and clinical areas, operates within our purpose-built laboratories. Reflecting the company’s product range, we have the skills and equipment to culture diverse aerobic, anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria. We specialize in cultivating fastidious organisms such as Mycoplasma and Brachyspira species, and conducting antimicrobial susceptibility tests with these organisms.

Microbiologist with PipetteServices offered

The services that we offer include:

  • MIC and MBC testing

  • antimicrobial kill curves

  • determination of post-antibiotic effect

  • microbiological assays

  • in vitro efficacy testing of antimicrobial wound dressings

Research & development

One of the strengths of the company as a manufacturer of scientific equipment is having the resource of a working laboratory on site. We work closely with R&D on new product development projects, providing scientific expertise and practical knowledge. In this way, we also become fully conversant with all DWS products. Our laboratory is therefore available as an additional resource to any of our customers needing advice.

Quality standards

In addition to our membership of the UK GLP compliance program, we are able to comply with national and international standards as required, including BS / EN / ISO / ASTM test methods, BSAC, EUCAST and CLSI guidelines.  We also welcome QA audits from existing and potential customers.

Microbiologist with Plates

For more information on how our laboratory can help you, please complete the contact form or call us on +44 (0)1274 595728



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