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The automated media preparator that prepares between 5 and 50 litres

Ref: DWMEDW1050
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This automated media preparator is able to prepare between 5 litres and 50 litres of media, increasing productivity, quality, repeatability and traceability. With a high temperature accuracy, MEDIAWEL 50 makes media faster and provides a greater degree of flexibility as to the type of media that can be prepared inhouse.

The patented, large stirring rod ensures the entire batch of media has a high viscosity and the extra built-in pre-filter prevents contamination. In addition, this pre-filter protects the more expensive main filter from clogging and is thus a cost-effective feature.

This product was developed as a natural evolution of the earlier MEDIAWEL 30. The MEDIAWEL 50 has the same external dimensions but a larger inner vessel of 74cm deep (46.1 cubic decimetres capacity), which allows it to produce more media from the same footprint.

MEDIAWEL 50 comes complete with a range of accessories and consumables to enable you to get up and running as soon as possible, including inlet and outlet water tubing, filters, USB key, nozzles, and a large magnetic stirrer.

MEDIAWEL 50 is compatible with other items of laboratory equipment, such as peristaltic pumps (DOSYWEL), pourer stackers (DISTRIWEL) and gravimetric diluters (DILUWEL).

MEDIAWEL 50 features include:

  • 7” colour touchscreen
  • Continuous homogenisation
  • Slow stirring – 9 adjustable speeds from 20 to 110 rpm to avoid bubbling
  • Sterilisation temperature of 95°C to 125°C
  • Temperature precision of +/- 0.5°C after sterilisation
  • 16 GB SD card included, which can store up to 10,000 cycles
  • One click connection to and disconnection from the water supply
  • Large medical wheels to enable the device to be moved to where needed.

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Kapazität (Liter)
95°C to 125°C
9 adjustable speeds from 20 to 110 RPM
Abmessungen (B/T/H mm)
585 / 735 / 1073
Gewicht (lbs/kg)
392 / 178

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