Workstation Travel Grant

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Workstation Travel Grant

Do you use a Whitley Workstation? You could be entitled to up to £250.

Do you need additional funds to travel to an event to present a scientific poster?

Would extra funding be useful to enable you to travel to an event overseas?

Perhaps you need money for accommodation where you are presenting?

We have a number of grants available for those who are able to:

1. Include a Don Whitley Scientific logo on their poster
2. Mention how they use their Whitley Workstation or Hypoxystation in their work
3. Include a photograph of the workstation on their poster (perhaps with someone using it)
4. Provide a follow-up article for our blog (which we will link to your poster on our website)
5. Provide a photo(s) of you presenting your paper/poster at the conference.

Whitley A95 Workstation Brand

To apply for the grant:

  • Send us a draft copy of your poster showing points 1 - 3 above.
  • Send the copy of your draft poster along with your contact details to

Payment* will be made in good faith after receipt and approval of the draft poster to enable you to travel to the event to present it.

After presentation, send us a final copy of the poster to display on our website and liaise with our marketing team to prepare an article about your work for publication on our blog and social media channels.

If we have a trade stand at the event where you will be presenting your poster, we can provide copies to everyone who visits our stand, should you want to do this.

If you are presenting a poster at an event, don’t forget to let us know the title of the event and the date you will be making your presentation.

* Payment will be made by direct transfer.


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