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Service & Accreditation

Don Whitley Scientific is able to offer UK customers comprehensive maintenance and repair contracts on a variety of laboratory equipment, including:

  • Anaerobic, Microaerophilic and Hypoxic workstations
  • Spiral platers
  • Autoclaves
  • Laboratory blenders
  • Gravimetric diluters
  • Media preparators
  • Colony counters
  • Pourer stackers
  • Labguard temperature monitoring system
  • WASPLab


In almost all cases, we are able to carry out repairs on site or, if this is not possible, we can install loan units to minimise customer downtime whilst repairs are carried out at our premises. With some of our newer equipment, we have the facility to connect remotely to check any error messages and make necessary adjustments.

As official distributors for AES, Rodwell, Copan, Ebers and Synoptics, our engineers are all trained by the actual manufacturers – training that is not available to everyone. This arrangement also means that we have continuous access to genuine replacement parts.

In terms of Don Whitley Scientific branded products, we design and manufacture them so our engineers have full factory training and the continuous support of our own R&D and Production teams here in the UK. We consider ongoing training a crucial requirement to ensure our engineers are always aware of updates, production amendments, and changes due to emerging technologies.

Our engineers carry a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables so many problems can be fixed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary downtime or repeat visits.

We can also offer UKAS calibration for equipment we sell. This facility is provided by our dedicated accreditation team.

Please contact our Service Team for more information on 01274 595728

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