Automatic Gas Changeover Unit

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Automatic Gas Changeover Unit

Never run out of gas again!

Ref: A04040
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The Whitley Automatic Gas Changeover Unit offers complete peace of mind to owners and users of workstations by ensuring a continuous supply of gas. This is especially useful when a cylinder might run out at night, at weekends or any other time the laboratory is unoccupied, such as public holidays. Designed specifically to suit the operational requirements of all workstations in the Don Whitley Scientific range, the unit functions by using the gas pressure from the connected cylinders and does not require an electrical supply.

Completely safe and reliable in operation, the unit switches automatically between two gas cylinders when pressure in the active cylinder drops below a pre-determined level. Clearly labelled gauges on the incoming and outgoing gas lines allow pressures to be checked easily and conveniently.

So if you have fewer members of staff on duty at the moment or if your estates department are particularly busy but you need to constantly maintain the correct internal atmospheric conditions inside your workstation, this device provides the solution.

  • Maintain workstation atmospheric integrity
  • Enable easy switching to reserve gas supplies
  • No electrical power supply required
  • Housed in a robust, IP54 rated industrial equipment enclosure.

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Abmessungen (B/T/H mm)
420 / 220 / 400
Gewicht (lbs/kg)
28.8 / 13.1

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