Microfluidic Chips

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A versatile microfluidic device with three independent channels

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This range of microfluidic devices are used to generate a wide range of easy-to-use, physiologically relevant in vivo conditions for flexibility in cell and tissue culture experimental design. They allow researchers to visualise complex biology/pharmacology that could not previously be seen. In terms of the Three Rs, these chambers can replace some initial studies of isolated cells and tissues, refining your experiment model, thereby reducing the number of animals required.

There are three versions:

Flow Chip: three independent channels optimised for the execution of cell-based assays under perfusion - especially suited for the in vitro simulation of physiological environments involving flow and shear stress mechanical stimulation.

Transflow Chip: integrates flow microenvironments with traditional transwell models and is able to establish flows at both sides.

Gradient Chip: allows researchers to generate long-term, stable gradient profiles of soluble molecules and dissolved oxygen in 2D and 3D environments. Compatible with adherent and non-adherent cells, which can be grown on the bottom of the chamber or embedded in gel matrices.

If your work involves creating a realistic environment that mimics vessels, cells and surrounding matrix and organs, then these chambers provide excellent conditions for the execution of cell based assays under perfusion/flow conditions. Cells can be seeded inside the chips and a flow of media introduced in a closed-circuit, sterile system.

  • Optimised chip holder allows for easy manipulation and is less likely to leak – a robust, sterile device that will reduce the need for repeat experiments
  • 2D and 3D environments to provide greater flexibility than single flow-through devices

  • Allows the use of small volumes of media and supplement, therefore saving costs as well as being more efficient

  • Simple experimental set-up to save time but provide optimum design flexibility
  • The Flow Chip has three independent parallel assays per chip so that multiple assays can be run or performed in triplicate

  • Ideal for high-end microscopy as the chip holder has an optical grade bottom

  • Although any laboratory pumping system can be used, we offer a fully integrated solution as pumping systems and accessories are also available – one supplier for all your needs
  • Bespoke chips can also be considered depending on your requirements.

Example applications:

  • Cell culture research
  • Metastic potential and invasion (Hallmarks of cancer)
  • Prolonged chemotaxis
  • Modulation of cell behaviour by oxygen concentration
  • Drug transport
  • Mimicking flow conditions in blood vessels
  • Transmigration and invasion assays
  • Tumour microenvironment
  • Axon guidance
  • Live cell imaging under flow-derived shear stress
  • Angiogenic sprouting
  • Cell co-culture
  • Human capillary experiments
  • Rolling and adhesion

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