University of Leicester scientists find a way to prevent the spread of superbugs



New Workstation is a Hit with Microbiologists

Whitley A55 Workstation

Launched at the Biomedical Science Congress in September 2013, the Whitley A55 Workstation appears to be a hit with microbiologists. Two orders have already been received, less than a month since the launch.

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Spiral Plating Techniques Recognised in New ISO 4833-2

Whitley Automated Spiral Plater (WASP)

The new ISO 4833-2:2013 standard specifies surface plating techniques for enumeration of microorganisms and includes a section covering spiral platers and automated colony counters. It does not recommend or approve the use of any particular product or brand name; however, it is general recognition of the use of spiral plating techniques in food microbiology and provides standardized procedures for their use.

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