Know any Product Development Engineers looking for a new role?

Location: Shipley, West Yorkshire

Salary: £competitive + benefits

Job Type: Permanent

Don Whitley Scientific has an exciting and ambitious programme of new product development projects for the foreseeable future. We have decided to increase the number of product development staff in order to accelerate the rate at which we introduce new products, options and accessories – and to continue to provide excellent technical support to our service department and our overseas distributors.

For this new role we are looking for a team player with a background in software engineering, hardware engineering and new product development within a manufacturing company.

We are looking to employ an individual with attributes drawn from the following list to further strengthen our existing product development department:

Essential attributes:

  • A broad engineering background with a bias towards electrical, electronic and software engineering;
  • Software writing and computer programming capabilities;
  • Adequate competence in the use of Microsoft Office applications;
  • A proven track record of successful product development activities within a manufacturing company
  • Excellent English language communication skills, written and oral.

Desirable attributes:

  • A competent user of an industry-standard 3D modelling software package. We use AutoDesk Inventor and appropriate application-specific training will be provided;
  • Some appreciation of Installation, Operation and Performance Qualification (IQOQPQ) procedures and paperwork;
  • Some understanding of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR);
  • Experience of troubleshooting technical problems nationally and internationally;
  • Any specialist abilities and experience in the following areas: mechanical engineering, schematic and plumbing layouts, design of pneumatic systems, design of temperature control, gas control and humidity control systems, knowledge of materials and industrial processes;
  • Any foreign language skills.

A UK driving licence will be required. Some national and international travel will be required.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this new position, please pass on the link to this item and ask them to send a CV through to Evan Kitsell, Design Director at


Save 30% on Running Costs with New Anaerobic Workstations

Whitley A85TG Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific has launched two new anaerobic workstations that provide laboratories with significant cost savings in gas supplies.

The Whitley A85TG Workstation and the Whitley A95TG Workstation are very cost-effective anaerobic chambers as they run from three separate gases. Unique to DWS, these workstations can operate around 30% cheaper than dual gas versions (which use cylinders of ANO2 and N2).


Award Winning Turkish Visitors

TurkishVisitors Jan2014

Don Whitley Scientific welcomed two Turkish visitors on 15th January.

Muhammet Demir, General Manager and Murat Su, Service Manager from Bentley Merkim Analytical Instruments are distributors of Whitley Workstations, Hypoxystations, the RABIT, WASP and Whitley Jar Gassing System in Turkey. Recently Bentley Merkim won the Top Sales Award for 2013 for the whole of the Bentley Group.



Prize Winners Happy to Ski

Alison Janocha, Lerner Research Institute Ski Lesson Winner

Congratulations to Alison Janocha and colleagues from the Lerner Research Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. The ladies won the Hypoxygen prize at a recent event … a skiing lesson. Here are some photographs showing how very much they enjoyed their prize.

HypOxygen is our US distributor for the Hypoxystation range of workstations. HypOxygen have just returned from attending a successful meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado – The Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology meeting entitled Sensing and Signaling of Hypoxia: Interfaces with Biology and Medicine.Prize Winner, Lerner Research Institute Ski Lesson Winner 3

The event was concerned with hypoxia being an important component of most human diseases. The meeting focussed on advances in the understanding of the biochemistry and biology of hypoxia signaling and the impact on cell biology, physiology and medicine. Specific emphasis was placed on the emerging interfaces of hypoxia biology with new areas of scientific progress including metabolic regulation, epigenetic signaling, stem cell biology, inflammation, immunity, tissue repair and cancer.

Prize Winner, Lerner Research Institute Ski Lesson Winner 2