Neue Auszubildende seit dem 1. Februar

Marleen Stüwe

Seit dem 1. Februar bilden wir eine Kauffrau für Büromanagement aus. Sie heißt Marleen Stüwe, ist 19 Jahre alt und möchte sich kurz vorstellen:


Ich habe meine Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement im Jahr 2014 begonnen. Da mein damaliger Ausbildungsbetrieb die Ausbildung nicht zuende führen konnte, wurde ich zum 1. Februar 2016 von der Firma Meintrup DWS übernommen und werde diese hier fortführen können, wofür ich der Firma sehr dankbar bin! Ich wurde sofort sehr nett aufgenommen und konnte mich hier gut einleben. Ich fand es schön, direkt mit beim Umzug in das neue Gebäude in Herzlake dabei sein zu können. Nachdem ich diesen Monat meine Zwischenprüfung absolviert habe, blicke ich mit gutem Gefühl auf die Abschlussprüfung im Mai 2017 und freue mich sehr auf die weitere Zeit hier!


Modifications made to Whitley A55 Anaerobic Workstation


Don Whitley Scientific products can be used across a wide range of scientific applications. Sometimes modifications can be made to our workstations to suit specific user needs. This happened recently when a customer required a different style of porthole for an Whitley A55 Anaerobic Workstation to allow them to work more freely with equipment inside the cabinet.


In this case we manufactured round porthole doors that can be removed and stored securely within the cabinet, thus providing maximum flexibility. This also allows more room to use the Whitley Automated Spiral Plater inside the workstation. The advantage of this being that all the customer’s sample processing is done in anaerobic conditions, meaning more consistent and reliable results.


The Whitley A55 Anaerobic Workstation provides a huge working capacity, enabling easy processing and examination of samples. With four ports (available as instant access or sleeved portholes) along the body of the workstation, two people can work side-by-side to process samples and introduce or remove samples via rapid airlocks on each side of the unit.


The A55 is one model in a wide range of anaerobic and hypoxic workstations from Don Whitley Scientific, each with unique features and options that are made with various scientific applications in mind. If you’re looking for quality equipment to benefit your results, don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what Don Whitley Scientific can provide for you.

When pre-mixed gas is hard to source – you need a three gas workstation


Recent reports suggest that in some parts of the world pre-mixed gas is expensive and becoming ever more difficult to source. Whitley TG Anaerobic Workstations are ideal in such circumstances as they run from three separate cylinders: nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These three gas workstations, which are unique to Don Whitley Scientific, can operate at around 30% cheaper than the dual gas version, making them extremely cost-effective.


The Whitley A85TG and A95TG Workstations have large, 30 litre airlocks that ensure the minimum amount of atmospheric oxygen enters the chamber when samples are transferred. The A95TG is the larger of the two and features 4 portholes, which enables two people to work in the cabinet at the same time.


Conditions inside the workstation can be monitored with the Whitley Anaerobic Conditions Monitor. This fully integrated option provides confirmation that anaerobic conditions exist inside the workstation and gives an early indication if conditions begin to vary. A factory-fitted only option, this system displays real time oxygen levels on the touch screen display using coloured segments – green, amber or red – depending upon the level of oxygen present. Recorded data can be downloaded to a memory stick in a few seconds for further analysis. This option comes complete with data logging. Other features include internal power sockets, bespoke trolley and single plate entry systems.