A45 Used in Study of Oral Microbiota

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A45 Used in Study of Oral Microbiota

In this video testimonial, Dr Thuy Do from the University of Leeds explains how her research benefits significantly from the use of a Whitley A45 Workstation.

Dr Do’s research focuses on the oral microbiota and its links with various infectious diseases, as well as looking at complex interactions within oral biofilms.  Her current work uses high throughput sequencing to identify biomarkers for health or disease. By using a Whitley Workstation she can analyse her sample throughput under the necessary physiologically relevant conditions. 

If you are working with any equipment from Don Whitley Scientific and would like to let us know about your work and your overall experience with our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form. We now feature a variety of customer testimonials on our product pages and these can be accessed through the “testimonials” tab.


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