DWS Laboratories Begin Study into Effects of New Drug on Human Intestinal Microbiota

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DWS Laboratories Begin Study into Effects of New Drug on Human Intestinal Microbiota

The GLP compliant laboratories at Don Whitley Scientific have recently begun a new study for a major veterinary pharmaceutical company. This will determine whether a new drug (which the client is developing for use in food-producing animals) exerts any antibacterial activity against bacteria present in the human intestinal tract.

Whilst the client does not expect that the drug will cause antibacterial activity, it is necessary to demonstrate this formally in an in vitro microbiological study. This will provide assurance that any residues of the drug that might be present in animal-derived food products do not have the potential to disrupt the human intestinal microbiota.

Dr Andrew Pridmore, Head of Science at Don Whitley Scientific, explains how the study will work: 

"Over the next 2 months we will conduct MIC testing under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Most of the bacterial strains used will be strict anaerobes and will be cultured in a Whitley Anaerobic WorkstationFor anaerobic MIC testing we maintain strict anaerobic conditions throughout the process: bacterial strains are prepared under anaerobic conditions and the MIC plates are both inoculated and incubated within the anaerobic workstation. This ensures that they are not exposed to ambient air."

The work will be overseen by Dr Pridmore, with our team of microbiologists conducting the practical laboratory work. MIC testing is one of our specialities - and the main field of work which we have been conducting since the inception of the contract laboratory business within Don Whitley Scientific.

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