Oxford University Order Custom Hypoxystation for Plant Research

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Oxford University Order Custom Hypoxystation for Plant Research

Dr Francesco Licausi, Associate Professor of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford, studies the mechanisms that allow plant cells to sense oxygen levels and initiate signalling cascades towards developmental trajectories and metabolic adjustments. His group also uses synthetic biology approaches to exploit oxygen sensing mechanisms across kingdoms and investigate the evolution of aerobic metabolism, multicellularity and oxygen homeostasis.

Unable to find a system that could both replicate growth conditions and provide precise oxygen control, Dr Licausi approached Don Whitley Scientific to explore designing a workstation that was customised to meet his requirements. With a history of working closely with our customers to build bespoke solutions and facilitate new areas of research (such as with the i2 Instrument Workstation), the prospect of this new application was very exciting to us. 

After several months of careful collaboration, Dr Licausi purchased a modified Whitley H85 Hypoxystation with a refrigeration unit and specialised LED lighting for Arabidopsis growth. Combined with a Light Tight Cover, which reduces ambient light, this will enable the Hypoxystation to simulate day and night conditions.

Keep a look out for more posts as we will be following up with Dr Licausi in a few months to see what a difference the H85 has made to his research!  If you would like to discuss a unique hypoxic application with us, please contact us here. You can also visit our website to learn more about the H85 and our range of Hypoxystations.

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