Anaerobe Course 2019 - Another Success

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Anaerobe Course 2019 - Another Success

The 5th Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes course was held on 11 and 12 June 2019 in Cardiff - and was another great success. This 2-day residential course enabled delegates to refresh their knowledge of culturing, identification and the clinical importance of anaerobes. It allowed participants to learn from clinical and laboratory professionals about the latest technologies and techniques.

A full complement of 26 delegates included visitors from Northern Ireland, Germany, Finland, Israel, the USA and Malaysia.

The course was delivered by the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit, Public Health Wales, Cardiff and is CPD accredited by RCPath for 11 credits.

Aims of the course

The main aims of this anaerobe course, now in its fifth year, are:

  • to promote understanding and awareness of anaerobic bacteria in clinical material;
  • to gain an insight into their relevance in clinical microbiology;
  • to achieve a basic level of competence in methods used for their isolation and identification;
  • to improve the standards of anaerobic microbiology in clinical laboratories.

Concentration in the classroomWhat the delegates said

Feedback from delegates has again been very positive with the majority rating the course 'Excellent' overall. Here are a selection of comments provided by delegates on their feedback forms:

"Good mix of lab and clinical experiences. Great approachable team – thank you for being so helpful! Would recommend to my colleagues."

"Overall, the course was excellent and I will definitely recommend to my colleagues."

"Good order of presentations in morning and practical work in afternoon. Very well looked after throughout course and in the evening too."

"Overall, a fantastic course and huge thank you to everyone involved."

"Very well organised, fun filled with a lot of valuable information. I really enjoyed the lectures, case studies especially as in laboratory we do not get to hear the whole background of the patient so it reminded me of the impact laboratories have and how crucial it is to investigate clinical cases."

"Very good course and has made me think how we can change our current practice."

"Excellent lectures, speakers. Well presented."

"Really interesting lectures. Could have done with more time on 2nd day pm lab session. Lots of stations to visit but v. interesting. Will be recommending and such lovely people. Thank you."

"Great course, friendly atmosphere, very well prepared speakers."

Don Whitley Scientific sponsors and helps to administer this anaerobes course on behalf of the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit (ARU). We also loaned them a Whitley A55 Workstation for the course so that they had additional incubation capacity for the practical sessions.

Whitley A55 Workstation

2020 Course

It is planned to hold the Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes course again in 2020 but dates have not yet been set. Keep an eye on the DWS blog or contact us on if you are interested in attending this event.

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