Clostpath Conference 2019

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Clostpath Conference 2019

The International Conferences on the Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of the Clostridia (Clostpath) have been a leading venue to bring together scientists and clinicians for forefront research on the molecular biology of clostridia and their role in health and disease. In keeping with this tradition, Clostpath 2019 covered all fundamental, translational and clinical aspects of clostridial-dependent pathogenesis. Regulation, structure and mode of action of virulence factors, host-pathogen interactions and development of new genetic tools were all included, as well as epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of clostridial-caused diseases.*

Don Whitley Scientific awarded four travel grants to allow researchers to attend the Clostpath Meeting (held in Leiden, The Netherlands) and present posters outlining their work in Clostridia citing use of Whitley Workstations

Pictured above with their posters are:   

Paola Lanzoni-Mangutchi, Newcastle University (top left)
Emily Harding, CHAIN Biotechnology Limited (top right)
Lucy Frost, University of Warwick (bottom left)
Meera Unnikrishnan, Warwick Medical School (bottom right)

If you are conducting research with a Whitley Workstation you could also be eligible to apply for a travel grant, click here to learn more. 



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