DWS Takes Action to Offset Carbon Footprint

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DWS Takes Action to Offset Carbon Footprint

Don Whitley Scientific is pleased to announce that in an effort to offset our carbon footprint, we have recently teamed up with Oblong Trees and committed to plant 3,500 trees during 2020.   oblong trees logo

Oblong Trees operate a scheme whereby employers contribute an amount of money per employee, per month - which enables trees to be planted all over the world on their behalf. Don Whitley Scientific has committed to contribute to this for each of the 100 people employed in our UK, German and Australian offices.  

The UK alone produces more than 420 million tonnes of Carbon dioxide every year, and planting trees is one of the biggest and cheapest ways to tackle the climate crisis. Trees are able to store pollutants such as carbon and convert them into oxygen which is then released into the atmosphere.

Oblong Trees work with a network of growers who focus on restoring habitats which have been lost due to major deforestation; a large proportion of their trees are planted in Africa, Asia and South America for this purpose. Locations for planting are carefully vetted to ensure that the right trees are planted in the right places, and that there is an adequate water supply which will not disrupt local water tables.

Mindful of the devastating forest fires which are currently ravaging Australia, Oblong Trees will also be contributing to the reforestation effort by planting more trees on the continent in February.    

Stay tuned for future updates on our planting progress!

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