M155 HEPA Installed at German Biotechnology Company

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Whitley M155 HEPA Microaerobic Workstation

Don Whitley Scientific is proud to introduce the M155 HEPA - the largest of our versatile microaerobic workstation range and ideal for the study and isolation of fastidious microaerophiles where HEPA filtration is required. This workstation has a capacity of 1,800 litres and has two airlocks and two removable fronts.

The M155 HEPA is a 4-gas system with built-in oxygen, CO2 and hydrogen sensors allowing users to programme precise gas concentrations, perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable microaerobic environment. Microaerobic workstations provide the most flexibility of any models in the Don Whitley Scientific range as they allow anoxic/anaerobic, microaerobic or hypoxic atmospheres to be created if desired without the need to change incoming gasses.

The huge capacity of this workstation means that it can accommodate a variety of laboratory equipment, e.g cell sorters, colony pickers, high throughput bioreactors, automatic pipetting devices, microscopes and spiral platers such as the Whitley WASP Touch.

Along with a range of factory-fitted options, two new options are available for the M155 HEPA: rotating turntables (up to 3 per shelf), and a movable platform to facilitate the movement of heavy items of equipment inside the chamber.

The first M155 HEPA was installed at a German biotechnology company who are using the workstation to house an automated pipetting device.

For more information on the M155 please click here.

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